Many of us don’t get the results we want, because we don’t know what it is we actually want. Not knowing what we want is like jumping on a random train, blind-folded.
If you don’t have trouble paying the rent, you have trouble doing something else; one needs just a certain amount of trouble. Some people need more trouble to operate and some people need less.
— Robert Rauschenberg
Among the reasons the military is going fuel-greener, “One out of every 24 fuel convoys in Afghanistan (and one out of 38 in Iraq) led to the death of a soldier in 2007. In 2007 alone, that adds up to hundreds dead given the 6,000 recorded fuel convoys.”
The US spends more on defense than the top 23 militaries in the world combined, and some have even argued that if the US were to cut military spending by half, it would still be 3 times more than what China - the second largest military power – spends.
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Social Media and Sustainable Living: a response

Social media has been a unique to share those with similar interests in permaculture, sustainable living and homesteading by bridging a wide gap in the United States geography.  Farmer’s markets are popular (and growing everyday) here in the US and it is part of my work to see more revenue coming back to local food and local profit… this enhances local profit, as well.

Social media allows us to compete with larger brands in a market with the same consumer reach - and that is why I think it will become a revolutionary tool in changing consumer choice.  My focus is on providing the education to make the decision.  I think with the option to choose something fresh and local, most would take that above a carbon-consuming, mass-produced item from further away.  Also relevant to this idea is the development of one’s own garden for consumption to create self-sufficiency.  You see this become important not just to those interested in sustainability but also as a result of the current US economic state.